6 Simple Low-Cost SEO Tips to Boost Your Business Blog


Have you ever wondered, what is the best step that could be the extremely advantageous for your business? Well, it is universally acknowledged that blogging is the only answer!

Blogging can generate prospective growth to the businesses. But do all the blogs bring success? Of course, not. A blog can only drive traffic to your website if you incorporate SEO-friendly keywords and skyrocket your search engine rankings through SEO tactics.

We’ve all struggled hard to get our website to show up on the first page of search results. In fact, every small business wants to be found on top rankings, but that doesn’t always happen as it doesn’t follow the Field of Dreams mantra, “If you build it, they will come.” Yes, you can write a killer blog, but if you aren’t aware of right SEO techniques, your online bleachers will remain empty.

That said, here’s a problem, one of the biggest misperceptions is that SEO is always expensive, and we don’t actually take the step by the fact that some agencies have higher-level of packages that cost tens of thousands of dollar per month. In fact, there are a number of free or low-cost ways to optimize your business blog for search engines.

In this article, I’m quickly going to talk about my top 6 low-cost SEO tips to boost your business blog, within no time!

Go For Freelance

Writing a great blog every day isn’t a part time job. If you really want to optimize your business for search engines, then you need to write blogs regularly and ensure they are brilliantly written so to reflect your business. And that’s the hard work.

But let’s not worry, you can find a content writer for yourself as a Freelancer. That way you can save a whole lot of your time, which can be utilized on your business’s core activities.

Use tools to improve content

Without a high-quality content, SEO ranking flounders and loses the interest of readers. To ensure that every blog is top-notch before you publish it, without a proofreader, you can use the guides available at Australian.com Help or Academized.com, to ensure your tone and structure is perfect.

Don’t forget about keywords

One cannot simply ignore the importance of keywords in the SEO world! So when you’re writing a business blog, never forget to strategically use keywords. These words should be the foundations of your business blogs.

Ensure that the keywords you choose fit without a glitch into your writing. Remember, SEO does not appreciate when you overstuff your content with multiple keywords, therefore, always use the right keywords and in the right density.

Keyword placement matters!

We’ve all known the importance of right keywords, however, they are useful on their own, as they drive optimum results only when properly placed within the text.

The top three places where your keywords should appear are:

  1. The Title, where you should always aim to write something eye-catchy
  2. Sub-headers and the central body text
  3. The most important, within the URL itself, as URLs, must have a breadcrumbs trail and shine out readable indicators of the content within the blog

Content should be mobile-friendly

As people access the internet and read blogs and news while traveling, watching TV or lying in bed. People are constantly using their mobile phones and if your blog isn’t mobile-optimized, that is the worst you can do to your business.

Remember, Google will not display your business blog in any near mobile search results if it isn’t properly mobile-optimized.

Ensure that you can be contacted

Do I need to mention how important it is? So make sure you contact details are included at the bottom of your blog, this includes a phone number, email address, or contact form at a minimum. After all, a business blog means that you’re supposed to be available to your prospective customers when they need you.

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